Boiron Quit Smoking Relief Kit for Nicotine Symptoms from Smoking, Vaping, or Chewing – Nausea, Irritability, & Upset Stomach – Non-Drowsy & Nicotine-Free – 3 Count (240 Pellets)

Price: $16.90
(as of Jan 22, 2024 22:13:23 UTC – Details)

A NICOTINE-FREE SOLUTION: Take control of symptoms without the use of nicotine. This kit offers a plant-powered, non-habit forming solution to help alleviate common symptoms associated with quitting smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco.
CUSTOMIZE YOUR CARE: The kit includes two medicines, Lobelia inflata 6C and Nux vomica 30C, which you can use together or separately to ease nausea, irritability, or digestive upset during the quitting process.*
HELP YOUR BODY THE NATURAL WAY: These medicines have no known interactions with other medications or supplements, no contraindications, and do not contain artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or preservatives.
A TRUSTED BRAND: With more than 90 years of expertise, Boiron medicines are made in FDA-inspected facilities and meet the highest standards of cGMP and HPUS for purity and quality.
BUY WITH HSA/FSA: Boiron homeopathic products are HSA & FSA eligible in the U.S.

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