Breatherapy Get Up + Go Kit – Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy InhalationTabs, 8-Pack (2 Each: Energy, Focus, Balance, Grounding)

Price: $23.99
(as of Feb 17, 2024 23:54:57 UTC – Details)

PURE ESSENTIAL OILS: Two tabs each of Balance, Focus, Energy and Grounding. We use only pure, naturally grown and harvested essential oils!
INHALATION TABS: Breathe in the aromatherapy and feel the energizing power! Ideal for a wellness routine in need of energy and a boost of vigor.
THERAPEUTIC EXPERIENCE: Breatherapy inhalation tabs contain 100% natural essential oils and each oil has unique benefits for your health. Aromatherapy inhalation tabs are made to promote physical and emotional well-being.
PORTABLE & DISCREET: Breatherapy inhalation tabs are discreet and act as a personal diffuser. Simply apply adhesive side to your chest, mask, shirt or pillow near your nose for hours of breathing whole body wellness. The tab is discreet when placed in the upper chest area, just below the shirt line, or under a shirt collar. Tabs can be used in common spaces without disturbing others.
INHALATION TECHNOLOGY: Receive a soothing aromatherapy experience through inhalation only technology. Leave tab affixed for at least 20 minutes and up to 8 hours. Breatherapy tabs will last 6-8 hours, so you can receive the benefits throughout your entire day.

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