CAFFIA 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffusers for Essential Oils Room Decor, 1500m³ Essential Oil Diffusers for Large Room

Price: $2,093.00
(as of Jan 28, 2024 20:06:51 UTC – Details)

【IMPROVE AIR QUALITY】Your hotel or business scenting solution, the essential and aroma oil scent diffuser. Silent but very powerful, this discrete scenting device provides the ideal solution for scenting hotel or business and diffusing essential oils for their maximum therapeutic or ambient benefits.
【TWO-FLUID ATOMIZATION TECHNOLOGY】Make full use of the air pressure of the machine and the nano nozzle to make the two-fluid atomization technology atomize the essential oil into fine particles, which will quickly spread to every corner in the air.
【500ML LARGE CAPACITY】 It can fill up to 500ML of essential oil, generate 3 to 4ml of essential oil per hour, refresh in rooms of 1500m³ and run up to 8 hours continuous low power.Can be used continuously for months without frequent replacement of essential oils。Improved energy efficiency.
【POWER-OFF MEMORY PROTECTION FUNCTION】Don’t worry about power failure, it will work automatically after power on, and automatically add fragrance.The scent intensity is easily controlled through an external dial.Timing setting at any time, no need to operate after setting once, easy to use.
【MULTI-SCENE USE】Suitable for Hotels, Commerce, Beauty Salons, Large Shopping Malls, Exhibition Halls, Gyms, KTV, etc.

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