CAFFIA Essential Oil Diffuser | 600ml Diffusers for Essential Oils with Timer Settings, Auto Power Off

Price: $367.08
(as of Jan 30, 2024 07:43:44 UTC – Details)

600ml essential oil diffuser can easily send soothing, relaxing essential oil mist throughout your room or home. also used by many businesses. enjoy upgraded features and excellent quality in an aroma diffuser that will last and work well for years of health benefits and improved mood.
12 hour all day mist or run all night without having to refill. it has a waterless auto shut off to protect the motor. you never have to worry about it. this diffuser offers 4 timers for 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or continuous operation. super quiet with less than 30db. this is the advanced diffuser that won’t interrupt your work, concentration, or sleep.
this is perfect for diffusing essential oils with an inspiring aroma throughout your room or home. can also serve to create a humidifying mist to relieve dry throat, lungs, asthma and much more. helps moisturize skin for a more beautiful, younger looking you.
special 7 color led light that changes colors with bright and dim settings. works as a comforting night light. mist and light can work tougher or separately. these features give you more control to fully customize the experience for greater personal relaxation and health benefits.
Thank you for your trust and support! wish you a happy life.

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