CAFFIA Essential Oil Diffuser, Diffuser for Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Diffuser, Portable Cool Mist Humidifier for Home, Large Room, Teacher Gifts

Price: $483.00
(as of Jan 29, 2024 17:39:26 UTC – Details)

Compact and portable: easy to carry and can be loaded into the bag, suitable for home, car, office, club, hotel and other places to create a fragrant life.
Advantages: Protect essential oils, lasting fragrance, directly load essential oils, no need to add water and essential oils frequently, easy to operate, rechargeable portable diffuser, better in wet areas and seasons.
Benefits: Auxiliary devices that protect indoor air pollution and improve the fragrance of space fragrances.
Principle: The diffuser is atomized by the principle of compressed air and two-fluid negative pressure, which can atomize the essential oil into negative ions.
Control: Ultrasonic spray aromatherapy machine (also called aroma humidifier), you need to add water drops (water-soluble essential oil), water and essential oils are mixed by high-frequency pulse into a mist, which is blown out by the fan,

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