Drop The Craving Quit Smoking Behavioral Support to Overcome Cravings

Price: $12.99 - $9.49
(as of Jan 27, 2024 10:27:43 UTC – Details)

Ergonomic Design: The Air-Puffer’s user-friendly contour fits naturally in your palm, facilitating a smooth adoption of new and improved routines.
Interactive Fidget Elements: Equipped with a variety of tactile surface, that is bendable, squeezable, chewable soft silicone body, it offers a multitude of sensory stimuli to keep your cravings away.
Fresh Air Passage: A key attribute of the puffer is its ability to let you draw a breath of fresh air, supporting a sense of composure and focus.
Effortless Operation: Free from the requirements of batteries or charging and devoid of any refill process, the Puffer is a model of simplicity and ease. Designed to fit into pockets or bags.
Made in USA – with the highest quality Food-Grade silicone. BPA Free, PVC Free, Lead-Free.

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