Earth Solutions Aromatherapy Inhalers | Breathe Easy (3 Pack) | Personal Essential Oil Diffusers | Immunity Essential Oils with Positive Affirmations | Best Essential Oil

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Earth Solutions Scent Inhalers are derived from pure and natural essential oil blends extracted from aromatic plants through cold press or steam distillation methods. There are no artificial ingredients in any of the oil blends.
The blend is referred to as “Affirmation Oil” with the intention of encouraging positive thoughts with each inhalation. Each bottle includes a positive affirmation, guiding the user to an intention that compliments the benefits of the synergistic oil blend.
By thinking of a positive affirmation, with each inhalation, the association between thought and scent helps keep the positive thought in the forefront of your mind. Every time the scent is noticed, your memory or affirmation may be recalled, making it easier to achieve the intended goal.
To use, simply open remove the Scent Inhaler cap, wave the aromatic chamber, close your eyes and inhale the pure essential oils essence. As you do so, think of an affirmation that helps you achieve your desired intention, or use the one included with this Inhaler. Close the lid after each use for longer life. The inhaler retains its scent for six months to a year or longer.
Earth Solutions is a physician owned, U.S.A. based company that has been in business for 28 years. Our name is important to us; if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of this scent it you may return it for a full refund. There are no carrier oils or artificial ingredients in any of our Affirmation Oil blends. ALL of our aromatic products are 100% natural and plant derived.

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