BarFly Disposable E-Cigarette

BarFly Disposables by Cig2o are the ultimate in vaping ease and convenience. BarFly’s are the ready-to-vape, affordable solution for those new to electronic vaping. Simply remove your BarFly from its reusable storage pack and enjoy. No battery to charge or Cartomizer to install or replace. BarFly disposables deliver about 500 puffs of great flavor and vapor satisfaction. Discrete, with no unpleasant odor. When your BarFly vapor stops, simply dispose of properly and pop open a new BarFly. Perfect for the party or weekend get-away. Available in 8 great flavors. 18mg nicotine
Disposable E-Cigarette Barfly

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  • Red Hot Cig2o - Black Label Barfly Disposable Red Hot Cinnamon 18mg

    Barfly Disposable Red Hot Cinnamon 18mg

    Red hot for your sweet spot. A hot cinnamon overload in every puff of this tasty disposable e-cig. Just mellow enough to enjoy throughout the day. Sweet Red Hot Cinnamon is one of our favorites now available in a Barfly brand disposable. Great Value, Value. Style. Enjoyment. Learn More

  • Red Tobacco Black Label Barfly Disposable Red Tobacco 18mg

    Barfly Disposable Red Tobacco 18mg

    Red means bold. Red means taste. Barfly means value, style and enjoyment. Your Barfly disposable delivers full tobacco flavor puff after puff. You’ll recognize the taste right away. Value, style, and satisfaction. What are you waiting for.

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  • Classic Menthol Black Label Barfly Disposable Classic Menthol 18mg

    Barfly Disposable Classic Menthol 18mg

    Barfly disposable e-cigs deliver our preferred menthol coolness in a value priced 400-puff e-cig. Barfly menthol gives your throat the chill, taste and flavor you’ll come back for. Style. Flavor. ‘Fly. So good you won’t leave it at the bar, but if you do, it’s easy to replace at our great value price. Learn More

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  • Blue Frost Black Label Barfly Disposable Blue Frost 18mg

    Barfly Disposable Blue Frost 18mg

    Blue Frost ‘Fly with sweet cool Spearmint on top of menthol that makes you think it can’t get any better. The Barfly spearmint infusion just keeps on coming. Vape and be refreshed throughout the day. About 400 puffs is Learn More

  • Strawberry Black Label Barfly Disposable Strawberry 18mg

    Barfly Disposable Strawberry 18mg

    Strawberry ‘Fly forever. Well, almost. 400 deliciously cloudy strawberry puffs in every Barfly will make you wish it would last that long. At a bargain price, it won’t matter much. If one runs out, get another. We made Barfly good enough to wish for more and cheap enough to make that wish come true. Learn More

  • Coffee Black Label Barfly Disposable Coffee-Latte 18mg

    Barfly Disposable Coffee-Latte 18mg

    ‘Fly through your morning with a pure creamy coffee flavor from Barfly disposable e-cigs. You won’t finish it all at once, so it’s a good thing the ‘Fly is built to last. 400 puffs and maybe more. More for your money. More to enjoy. Less to worry about throughout the day. Learn More

  • Vanilla Cream Black Label Barfly Disposable Sweet Vanilla 18mg

    Barfly Disposable Sweet Vanilla 18mg

    Your Barfly Sweet Vanilla disposable e-cig delivers a smooth creamy vape, with a warm, full-bodied vanilla flavor and a velvety rich exhale. 400 puffs will last as long as you want. Use it or lose it. The great value makes it easy to replace. Learn More

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Wow! You haven't lived until you try our impressive selection of disposables. This is the for the person who wants to jump into vaping occasionally or just prefers an awesome change of pace. Barfly disposables equal 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. That's a big 400 puffs. No smoke, no ash, no butts. This is the clean, neat way to enjoy phenomenal flavors. You get mind blowing flavors like coffee, double cherry, blue frost, grape, cherry, and much more. Oh, and we also have traditional tobacco flavors for those who enjoy the classics. These disposables don't stink up your hands like traditional cigs. And they feature double LEDs. Go for it and order now!
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