Fluid Pouches – Fully-Customizable Pouch. Add Any Flavor/Active Ingredient in A Base of PG VG Coconut Or MCT Oil. Add Drops Directly to Both Sides of The Pouch and Put It Between Your Cheek and Gum

Price: $19.49
(as of Feb 22, 2024 13:58:12 UTC – Details)

FLUID FULLY-CUSTOMIZABLE POUCHES – Customize Fluid pouches with whatever active ingredient and flavor you want or already own
ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: FLUID POUCHES suit a wide range of preferences and needs. The Slim size pouch (Fluid also comes in REGULAR pouches) can hold up to 0.25mL of liquid, and offers a potent capacity in a small, discreet pouch for those who crave a discreet dose of active ingredient and the long-lasting flavor. The Jar of SLIM pouches contains 100 fully-customizable pouches
LONG LASTING: Add your active ingredient and flavor to the exterior of both sides of the pouch. The Slim pouch will hold about .25ml of liquid. The more you saturate the pouch the more active ingredient you will get and the longer the flavor will last
USER-FRIENDLY: FLUID POUCHES are incredibly easy to use. It is easy to add your liquid which contains an active ingredient and flavor. You can even add multiple active ingredients and flavors. And once you place your customized pouches in the can (which comes free-of-charge with the jar) for use whenever you want. The can features a reservoir under the lid that makes adding your liquid to the pouch easy
EFFICIENT DELIVERY OF ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Our pouches are designed for maximum efficiency. FLUID Pouches are made of premium quality ingredients and a highly absorbent non-woven pouch material that work together to absorb liquid and then release the flavor and active ingredient in contact with saliva
TOTAL CUSTOMIZATION: FLUID POUCHES put you in control; allowing you to use your preferred oil, MCT, vegetable glycerine, or propylene glycol-based ingredients with a flavor and strength aligned to your individual needs. You decide the flavor and active ingredient. More efficient delivery than swallowing the active ingredient and flavor. And each Jar comes with a can for easy carrying of your customized pouches
If you have hemp drops by adding them to the pouch you get a more efficient delivery of the benefits of hemp oil and you get great taste. Essential oils – these are perfect

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