GIT GUD Gaming Vapor Inhaler (8 Pack) | Energy + Focus Amplifier for Competitve Performance| Stimulating, Refreshing Aroma | Portable Gamer Disposable | Ultimate Variety Combo (Includes Variety 1 + 2)

Price: $37.95
(as of Jan 24, 2024 18:35:02 UTC – Details)

NATURALLY POWERED BY PEPPERMINT: For decades, professional athletes have used peppermint as a secret weapon to accomplish their goals, and now you can too. Our proprietary blend of energy inhalers are formulated with a potent blend of peppermint and other natural ingredients to help you feel alert, focused, and invigorated. Experience a refreshing minty blast, each with unique aromas that will take your experience to the next level.
REFRESH AND REFOCUS: Keep your energy up all day long with stimulating energy inhalers. Whether you’re trying to focus on a project, hit that deadline, dance until sunrise at a music festival or just need a little pick-me-up, inhale greatness with pleasantly convenient aromas.
BOOST FOCUS AND LEVEL UP YOUR BREATHING: Sometimes all you need is a little boost to focus on the task at hand. Supports concentration and mental focus with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients. An excellent solution for gamers who have difficulty focusing on their game or for those who want to kick their skills up a notch.
BE MARATHON READY: Provides a temporary boost during late night gaming sessions, long days at the office, or during an intense workout. The staple of esports players, energy inhalers are the perfect gaming companion for long hours of work and play. Keeps you alert and aware so you can get more dubs, without the jitters.
QUICK FIX FOR BRAIN FOG: A natural and effective energy alternative solution to assist with reaction time and improve coordination between your eyes and hands, without affecting your sleep. Add one to your gamer stack and say goodbye to embarrassing deaths.

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