Hobbyland Candy Flavors (Cotton Candy Flavoring, 1 Fl Oz) Use as an ingredient in the preparation of food and beverage.

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(as of Jan 21, 2024 00:02:09 UTC – Details)

This product is an ingredient to be used in the preparation of food and beverage to be consumed such as candy, cakes and cookies.
Sealed Cap and Bottle. To open press the cap down and turn to break free the cap’s inner seal from the plastic ring.
Directions: Add to taste. Food flavorings may taste tart, sour or bitter before mixing the flavoring into your recipe. Add sugar or sweetener for a sweet taste.
Add food flavorings to baking recipes for candy making, candy coatings, hard candy, confectionery, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, fondants, frostings, gumdrops, ice creams, yogurts, desserts, pies, puddings, coffee, frappuccinos, cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, malts, milk, milkshakes, shakes, smoothies, slushies and creamers.
Contained Allergens: None. Contains no added salts and no added sugars.
Imitation Extracts Food Flavoring for Baking Recipes

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