KHOOR Herbal Cigarettes – 2 Vanilla Packs, Non-Addictive, Tobacco-Free & Nicotine-Free, Traditional Cigarette Substitute, Premium Vanilla Flavor – 2 Packs (40 Sticks)

Price: $16.98
(as of Jan 21, 2024 18:45:47 UTC – Details)

🎁 THE PERFECT SOLUTION: Tired of constantly struggling with all kinds of patches, gums or ineffective improvisations in order to let go of your old habits? KHOOR herbal cigarettes are definitely a must for anyone committed to a tobacco-free lifestyle!
⛑️ CLEAN & SAFE BASE MATERIAL: Our herbal cigs are made with premium quality, carefully selected ingredients, a unique blend of natural herbal peppermint elements filtered with no nasty GMOs, fillers or preservatives.
💯 SATISFIES YOUR HABITS: Our tobacco-free cigs properly tackle the psychological component of quitting, allowing you to satisfy your basic hand to mouth fixation as well as depicted motor habits, for a truly authentic experience.
🍦 VANILLA SWEETNESS: Enjoy our traditional Original or the invigorating minty Menthol or Berry Blue Bliss flavor all with a distinct & powerful aroma. KHOOR is loved by most, but may not be suitable for those who prefer milder fragrances.
🚭 BETTER WAY TO SMOKE: The KHOOR zero tobacco cigarettes provide a highly effective, discreet and pleasant way of quitting those harmful habits, being completely free of addictive elements. An excellent solution for men and women seeking to improve their wellbeing!

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