KHOOR Herbal Cigarettes – Menthol Flavor, Non Tobacco Cigarettes, Non Nicotine Step for Smokers Seeking a Tobacco Alternative, Nicotine Free and Refreshing (10 Packs)

Price: $59.98 - $52.98
(as of Feb 09, 2024 04:36:53 UTC – Details)

🎁 THE PERFECT SOLUTION: Enjoy the refreshing flavor of menthol in our herbal cigarettes. They are nicotine and tobacco free, perfect for smokers who want a healthier alternative.
⛑️ CLEAN & SAFE INGREDIENTS: Our herbal cigs are made with premium quality, carefully selected ingredients, a unique blend of natural herbal elements filtered with no nasty GMOs, fillers or preservatives.
💯 SATISFIES YOUR HABITS: Our herbal cigarettes serve as a natural step for quitting. The calming menthol flavor can help you relax without relying on nicotine or tobacco.
🍃 MINTY FRESHNESS: Experience a unique blend of flavors with our menthol herbal cigarettes. This tobacco free choice offers a cool and refreshing smoking experience that you’ll surely enjoy.
🚭 BETTER WAY TO SMOKE: The KHOOR zero tobacco cigarettes provide a highly effective, discreet and pleasant way of quitting those harmful habits, completely free of addictive elements.

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