Lucy Nicotine Gum 2mg, 100 Count [Spearmint], Nicotine Alternative – High Purity, Great Taste, Pure 2 mg Nicotine | Discreet & Great On-The-Go

Price: $49.99
(as of Feb 09, 2024 15:52:50 UTC – Details)

2MG NICOTINE GUM. Lucy delivers nicotine without all the negatives of alternatives. Each pack contains ten, 10-count sleeves of pure 2 mg nicotine gum – 100 pieces in total.
BOOST YOUR DAY. Find your focus with Lucy’s fast-acting nicotine delivery system. Each 2mg piece provides just the right amount of nicotine sensation.
GREAT ON-THE-GO. Slip in your pocket, take on-the-go or pack for your next trip. Enjoy Lucy nicotine gum anytime, anywhere in a discreet form like nicotine lozenges.
GREAT TASTE. Lucy was developed by flavor scientists to deliver great taste and completely mask the harsh flavor of nicotine. Enjoy delicious spearmint flavor every time you chew Lucy.
INTELLIGENT NICOTINE. Made from ultra high-quality ingredients, Lucy is a discreet, odor-free, ash-free, pouch-free, snus-free and dip-free nicotine alternative.

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