(Pack of 10) ER3V 3.6V JZSP-BA01 1000mAh PLC Lithium Battery for Toshiba ER3V with Black Plug

Price: $95.89
(as of Feb 12, 2024 20:27:54 UTC – Details)

❶Voltage: 3.6v Capacity: 1000mAh Size: 14.5*25mm
❷Feature: 1. Lithium-thionyl chloride battery is the most energy-efficient battery in actual use. 2. When the current current density is discharged at normal temperature, the discharge curve is extremely flat. The working platform remains unchanged in the 90% capacity range;
❸Feature: 3. The battery can work normally in the range of -40 ° C ~ +85 ° C. The capacity at -40 ° C is about 50% of the normal temperature capacity, showing extremely excellent high and low temperature performance; 4. Annual self-discharge rate Less than or equal 1%; storage life of more than 10 years
❹Applications: It is used for storing data of various Omron meters, water meters, gas meters, automatic sanitary wares, PLC machine backup power supplies, CNC machine tools and automation equipment.
❺Package Included: 10*batteries

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