PurePix QuitPix to Help Quit Smoking Extra Thick Boosting Flavored Toothpicks with Lobelia – Aromatherapy – Oral Fixation – Nicotine Free Toothpicks – 5 Flavors Kosher Variety Pack

Price: $19.99
(as of Jan 21, 2024 19:45:55 UTC – Details)

Experience another dimension of support with our UNIQUE CALMING BLEND; Immerse yourself in a calming ritual that combines natural ingredients to help ease the stress associated with cravings; This special blend complements LOBELIA, infusing each toothpick with not only flavor but also a sense of tranquility
Embrace the power of nature with QUITPIX, infused with LOBELIA—an herb renowned for its lung-clearing properties; Experience the potential to reduce cravings, uplift your mood, and alleviate stress during those critical moments; Take a step towards a healthier, smoke-free life with the harmonious blend of effective support, delectable flavor, and a calming touch
PUREPIX QUITPIX – Helpful in quitting smoking to help curb cravings, suppress appetite, and chew on something without any added calories; A safe and effective method to curb cravings throughout the day
INFUSED WITH LOBELIA – Lobelia is a known herb to help clear lungs and may help reduce cravings, elevate mood, and may help reduce stress when cravings kick in

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