Rien Pipe GR. Stop smoking the stress-free way—reduce nicotine content by 3% daily, quit smoking within 31 days (31 pipes, 31-day kit) (GR – Compatible with most regular cigarettes)

Price: $119.98
(as of Feb 09, 2024 19:31:55 UTC – Details)

☑️《STRESS-FREE WAY TO STOP SMOKING》 Rien Pipe is not a nicotine gum or patch, but a completely new way to stop smoking. You continue to smoke over 31 days, but use the Rien Pipe—each day the series of pipes reduces your nicotine intake by 3%. At the end of 31 days, your nicotine intake has been cut by 95%—you won’t want to smoke anymore! It’s a simple, effective way to quit smoking without stress, and a proven method for success—more than 550,000 units have been sold in Japan!
☑️《THE SMART WAY TO NO-SMOKING SUCCESS》 It’s tough to quit when you don’t have a goal other than using nicotine gum or patches. Rien Pipe is designed to be a 31-day course to stop smoking. You keep smoking, but use one of the series of Rien Pipes. Each one reduces the amount of nicotine by 3% more than the previous day. Every day you’re reducing your dependence, until, at the end of 31 days, you’ve basically eliminated nicotine from your system. You’re ready to quit!
☑️《STEP-BY-STEP, DAY-BY-DAY》 Start with the #1 pipe; smoke as usual. Each pipe has a patented micropore, each bigger than the last. This lets more air in, and cuts the amount of nicotine. As you continue to smoke, each day you nicotine intake is reduced—naturally, and without the stress of withdrawal. Most people find that, by the time they reach the #31 pipe, they no longer need or want to smoke. At the same time, Rien Pipe helps filter out tar and other harmful materials from the smoke.
☑️《EASY TO USE》 Rien Pipe attaches easily to almost all commercially-made cigarettes. They are also washable, if needed, for easy use—just follow the instructions.
☑️《PRODUCT DETAILS》 Pipe size 6.7cm long, 1.1cm wide. Made of aluminum (polymethyl benzene), and polypropylene. Package includes a series of 31 pipes, and a comprehensive guide for the use of Rien Pipe. Made in Japan.

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