SimpleNature Food Grade Propylene Glycol – 99.9% Purity – 55 Gallon Drum – Ecofriendly, Non-GMO Moisturizer, Solvent, Emulsifier, Humectant – Soaps, Lotions, Fog Machines

Price: $884.50
(as of Jan 29, 2024 03:16:53 UTC – Details)

PREMIUM QUALITY – Highest purity available. Food grade, always free of additives, fillers, or contaminants. Immaculately clear & clean, odorless, discoloration and fragrance free. Sourced from USP, Kosher product certified to pass exacting standards on purity and concentration. Certified free of ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, and sulfates.
FDA Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status; safer alternative to ingredients such as ethylene glycol. Extensive research and testing demonstrates that propylene glycol is non-toxic and non-irritating
PERFECT for DIY Beauty & Personal Care products including topicals, moisturizer, soap additive, shampoo, home care products, and more. Acts as a solvent for fats, oils, resins, and more.
ADDITIONAL USES include fog machines & production of theatrical smoke, de-icer (lowers freezing point of water), and food emulsifier, texturizer, sweetener, and to retain moisture (humectant). Also used for pharmaceutical and industrial purposes.
PACKAGED in a 55 gallon drum (Note, it will be delivered palletized by truck and you must be present for delivery)

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