SUNCLIFF Terpene Gems 48-Count | Experience Pack | Calm | Creative | Social | Energetic

Price: $48.99
(as of Feb 10, 2024 13:55:46 UTC – Details)

PURITY IN EVERY GEM : SUNCLIFF Terpene Gems are formulated with the highest quality natural terpenes, delivering an authentic experience designed to integrate seamlessly into your wellness routine.
EXPERIENCE PACK VARIETIES : Explore the diversity of our terpene collection with CALM, CREATIVE, SOCIAL, and ENERGETIC blends, each formulated to align with different aspects of your daily activities and mindset.
SUBTLE AND REFINED : While these hard candies are unflavored, they embody the inherent characteristics of terpenes, offering a discreet yet enjoyable taste experience.
INSIDE THE PACK : Each gem contains a blend of plant compounds known for their supportive properties in mood balancing, focus, energy, and overall wellness. Preliminary research indicates potential benefits in areas such as antimicrobial properties and antioxidant support. Terpenes are also precursors for essential vitamins like A, E, and K.
OPTIMAL USAGE : For the best experience, dissolve one gem under your tongue for maximum sublingual absorption, avoiding chewing.
PACK CONTENTS : 12 Calm, 12 Creative, 12 Social, 12 Energetic

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