Tenergy 1.2V AA 2000mAh NiMH Rechargeable Battery Flat Top with Tabs for Shavers, Trimmers, Razors, and More, 48 Pack

Price: $69.99
(as of Feb 21, 2024 00:05:50 UTC – Details)

48 Pack standard AA NiMH 1.2 volt rechargeable batteries with flat top and easy soldering tabs designed for battery packs. **These batteries are not intended for use with Vape devices
Each flat top battery is rated at 2000 milliampere hour capacity and provides a long run time on a single charge.
Ideal for making replacement battery packs for electronic devices like electric shavers, beard trimmers, facial hair trimmers, electric razors, portable cordless vacuums, floor sweepers, oral irrigators, rotary tools and toothbrushes
These NiMH batteries for battery packs has no memory effect which helps retain its maximum energy capacity every time.
These AA battery can be recharged 1000 times and will pay for themselves after 10 charges. Make your electronic devices feel like new by replacing the old or dead battery packs.

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