Troomy Boost Cordyceps All Natural Mushroom Gummies – Supports Active Lifestyle & Hyper Focus – Lemon Lime – 60 Count

Price: $20.24
(as of Jan 28, 2024 22:10:01 UTC – Details)

LOADED WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Boost Gummies are packed with 400mg Cordyceps Mushrooms in each piece, and handcrafted with all-natural ingredients to support an active lifestyle, hyper focus, and elevated body function. Grab your jar of 60 electric-lime gummies and Boost your daily routine with Troomy Nootropics today!
GREAT TASTING: Made from all natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. No need to worry about choking down unpleasant pills or powders. Troomy gummies are packed with natural flavors and tastes like delicious candies… and tastes absolutely amazing!
REINVENTING THE WELLNESS ROUTINE: Our triple-extracted mushroom gummies are made with organic blends of benefit-rich functional mushrooms that are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. With just these special little fungi and a few other natural ingredients, Troomy’s taking your health and wellness routine to the next level.
MEET OUR MUSHROOMS: Our mushrooms are some of nature’s most potent, functional superfoods! Packed full of health benefits, they provide a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help support your body’s natural balance.
OUR MISSION: We are creating products that can bring us all together. Our products are deliciously loaded with great ingredients proven to work for centuries. Our goal is to not only appeal to the current Health & Wellness community, but also to someone looking to explore the world of nootropics and just not knowing where to begin! We are growing to educate, create and bring natural happiness to any kitchen cupboard that’ll have us!

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