VIGLORY Anxiety Necklace, 2 in 1 Mindful Breathing Necklace, Calming and Breathing Tool for Anxiety, Meditation Stress Relief Gifts for Women and Men, Quit Smoking Aid(Black)

Price: $20.99
(as of Feb 19, 2024 09:41:00 UTC – Details)

Reduce Stress and Anxietyļ¼šOur stress breathing necklace is an innovative and natural alternative to reduce stress and anxiety, slow down heartbeat, blood pressure and increase lung volume. Scientific researches have proven that conscious deep breathing exercises are one of the best ways to calm down, relax, and release negative emotions.
How to Use: This anxiety relief item necklace is easy to use in your daily life. Firstly, inhale deeply through your nose to fill your belly with air. Gently exhale through the breathing tool for 8 to 10 seconds to release all the air. Relax and repeat for 5 times. You just signaled your nervous system to chill out.
Help Quit Smoking and Vaping: If you are looking for quit vaping products to help replace the muscle memory of a vape, this is the ideal choice. A tobacco-free non-electronic inhaler will distract smokers in a natural way. No smoke, no vape and no nicotine, they will create a healthy lifestyle.
Ideal Gift of Mindfulness: The Viglory breathing necklace for anxiety is one of the best natural anxiety relief items for women, men and teens, as well as meditation gifts for people who suffer from panic attack. It is the mindfulness gift for all genders and ages!
Customer Services: If you have any questions about product, please contact us at any time, and we will solve them within 24 hours.

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