Wild Essentials 3 Pack of Quit Smoking Aromatherapy Nasal Inhalers Made with 100% Natural, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to Help You Kick The Habit and Quench The Cravings

Price: $12.99
(as of Jan 22, 2024 06:16:50 UTC – Details)

Kick The Habit: Our “Quit Smoking” blend of essentials oils can help with the cravings when you feel the urge to smoke. Our unique Quit Smoking blend is a satisfying combination of cinnamon, eucalyptus, frankensense, helichrysum, lemon, marjoram and spruce created to keep you smoke free
Remind with Reinforcement: This may not be the complete cure for you but it will help you in your journey through sense of smell association, positive affirmation and determination. You got this!
Pure and Natural: Our premium aromatherapy inhalers are made using only 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and contain no artificial or mystery ingredients. Our inhalers are made in the USA with our proprietary high density medical grade plastic to keep the oils from evaporating or oxidizing
Proven Method: The most effective method for deriving the benefits of essential oils has been proven to be inhalation. The inhalation of essential oils supports both physical and emotional well-being.
Wild Essentials is a family owned and operated, American company that hand crafts our essential oil blends, inhalers, roll ons and sprays with all natural products in our facility in small batches for freshness and potency so that you get the best product possible.

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